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Stefanie Milcke


Strategic Marketing
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Having studied didactics and advertising psychology at university and direct marketing, media marketing, online marketing, social media marketing and brand management at private academies, I am a marketeer by heart. I'm in FinTech for years now, spent most of the time at SOFORT and Klarna but have also seen the banking perspective at Velvon and the FinTech software provider perspective e.g. at ndgit.

Besides being host of the biggest monthly FinTech meetup in Munich, I am also active as start-up mentor. My network includes more than 14.000 contacts among FinTech, banks and start-ups.

More about me

It's all about
being relevant

You'll never make it in to your customers' relevant set, if your product does not solve one of their problems and your message does not speak their language. It's as simple as that.


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